Project Lead_ Urbis Schreder _ Installation_ London Gateway _ Product_ Valmont SWT poles-h1.1
Project Lead: Urbis Schreder | Installation: London Gateway | Product: Valmont SWT Poles

SWT - the logical choice for a clean aesthetic.

The fused weld joint (SWT) specialist sections of our conical steel lighting columns are a great addition to any project utilising decorative products. Valmont Stainton offers a wide range of custom accessories including bracketry, finials and base covers as well as custom finishes for unique project aesthetics or special functionality tailored to a client's needs.

• SWT ​Specifications

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  • Gallery-2-Products-SWT-Conical-Ampera-DP-World-Dartford
  • Hero-1-Products-SWT-Conical-Ampera-DP-World-Dartford