HERO-1-Products-OSRAM SITECO-Conical-XHD
Project Lead: Siteco Osram | Installation: Scotland Glasgow Harbour Footbridge | Product: Valmont Conical XHD Poles

XHD - the multi-functional decorative option.

Based on the conical SWT range, this XHD line brings added flexibility to your project – with proven capabilities for use as a multi-pole installation to support specialist equipment internally or externally. Adding pre-specified decorations, banners, CCTV, sound and vision products and user power supply may be achieved with the XHD product family.

• XHD​ Specifications

  • HERO-1-Products-OSRAM SITECO-Conical-XHD
  • GALLERY-1-Products-OSRAM SITECO-Conical-XHD
  • GALLERY-2-Products-OSRAM SITECO-Conical-XHD