Project Lead: Valmont France | Installation: Europe | Product: Valmont Ceedji Poles

CEEDJI - a most remarkable timelessness...

A playful mix of voids and solids refines the design of this bracket. Sleek contours provide a strong visual presence, yielding a timeless, ethereal shape. Attractive on any roadside, this column will lightly frame the spaces, giving viewpoints whose focus can be reinforced by a bilateral or staggered layout.

• ​Ceedji Specifications
  • HERO-Products-Signature-Ceedji
  • Gallery-1-Products-Signature-Ceedji_01
  • Gallery-2-Products-Signature-Ceedji_02

Thumbnails_Signature Series_Idyline 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Signature Series_Sillem 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Signature Series_Annapurna 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Signature Series_Ceedji 85 x 103