Project Lead: Valmont France | Installation: Europe | Product: Valmont VriPod Poles

VRIPOD - when a tripod twists into space...

The aim of this line of theatrical columns is to work around transparency, without forgetting the technical aspects of this lighting style. This range’s characteristic twisting structure imprints itself lightly and transparently on the space, giving structure in daytime. At night, the space is transformed with dramatic area lighting. 

• ​VriPod Specifications

  • Vripod-Signature-Decorative-Lighting-Column-Valmont-Stainton
  • Vripod-Signature-Decorative-Lighting-Column-Valmont-Stainton
  • Vripod-Signature-Decorative-Lighting-Column-Valmont-Stainton

Thumbnails_Signature Series_Idyline 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Signature Series_Sillem 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Signature Series_Annapurna 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Signature Series_Ceedji 85 x 103