Project Lead: Tehomet | Installation: Europe | Product: Valmont Wood Kartio Poles

KARTIO - a large-scale round conical lighting column constructed from glue-laminated timber.

The Kartio model is a conical wooden light pole manufactured from PEFC-certified, GL28 strength class Finnish pine. The Kartio model is a larger scale alternative to the Pallas product suitable for larger heights and special applications and a great strength capability making a visual statement to your project.

• Kartio Specifications

  • HERO-1-Products-Wood-Kartio
  • GALLERY-1-Products-Wood-Kartio
  • GALLERY 2-Products-Wood-Kartio

Thumbnails_Wood_Pallas 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Inari 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Ruka 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Kartio 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Custom 85 x 103