Project Lead: Tehomet | Installation: Europe | Product: Valmont Wood Koli Poles

KOLI - a square tapering lighting column constructed from glue-laminated timber.

The Koli model is a square wooden light pole manufactured from PEFC-certified, GL28 strength class Finnish pine.

The Koli Park model is a more slender wooden pole than the standard Koli model. The Koli Park pole is intended for light fitting installations in a direct post top mounting method.

• Koli Specifications

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Thumbnails_Wood_Pallas 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Inari 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Ruka 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Koli 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Kartio 85 x 103
Thumbnails_Wood_Custom 85 x 103